Historical American Flags

Ron Swanson is a true patriot, and isn’t afraid to show it. On his desk, he has small American flags surrounding a Don’t Tread on Me flag.


American flags are better than bananas

American flags are better than bananas

Can I Get It?

usa-historical-flags-tea-party-dont-tread-on-meThis flag set is available on Amazon and pops up other places online as well. The historical American flag set includes one each: Gadsden, Betsy Ross, Star Spangled Banner, Bennington, and the First Navy Jack flags. Base included in boxed set. It’s obviously a great desk ornament for a good patriotic American, and an added bonus would be if you could explain the origin of each flag.

Should I Decorate My Office with American and Gadsden Flags?

Yes, obviously.

True patriotism is unapologetic

True patriotism is unapologetic

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