Sawed-Off Double Barreled Shotgun

Ron keeps a deactivated (we think) Sawed-off Double Barreled Shotgun mounted on a swivel on his desk. The shotgun belonged to a local bootlegger and represents Ron’s opinion of government. He points the gun at people in his office asking him for things, making them “stare down the barrel.”

The infamous bootlegger's shotgun

The infamous bootlegger’s shotgun

Do I Want One?

It’s a bootlegger’s sawed-off shotgun. On a swivel stand.

Where Can I Get One?

Amazing, right on! However, they feature non-firing replicas. Not as much history. But much more safety…

The amazing Denix Old West Replica 1881 “Street Howitzer” Decorative Non-Firing Gun

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4 thoughts on “Sawed-Off Double Barreled Shotgun

  1. You can get a full size replica of Ron Swansons Desk Shotgun, and the Claymore Mine at the US Replica Gun Company…..They will make you one, and the price is super affordable….under 200 for the desk shotgun.

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  2. I purchased a perfect replica from US Replica Gun Company as well. Gary couldn’t have been better and the prop couldn’t have looked more like the original!



    US RGC’s Products page, them Custom Gun category

    Thanks Dillon. :-)


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